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You probably saw YouTubers buying luxury cars, designer clothing and expensive houses. And I'm pretty sure that you have at least for once, wondered how much these YouTubers make!

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So, in this article, I'm going to show you exact data of how much money you guys can make.

Today, we're going to talk about money. I know that however talking about money, and learning about finance is a very important thing.

So, let's get started here. When it comes to YouTube, it's not about views anymore. The amount of the views that you get is not really explaining how much money you make.

There are so many factors that affect how much money you can make and I'm going to break down every single thing of that. So, when you look at a viral video and the video length is only seven minutes   and when you look into another video of 13 minutes long, what does it mean?

Basically, in order to add “mid-roll ads,” which are the ads that you see at the middle of the video, your video needs to be longer than 8 minutes. Since the first video is 7 minutes, it won't have any “mid-roll ads.” So, you basically see only an ad before and after the video.

However, the second video is 13 minutes long. So, you can add “mid-roll ads,” and when you go to the monetization section after you monetize your videos, you can manage the “mid-roll ads” and you can add as much as you want or maybe there is a limit that I don't know. But you can basically control your ads.

So, the length of the video is actually a very big factor when it comes to the revenue that you're making.

Another factor that affects how much money you make from video is RPM. RPM basically means Revenue Per Mille. So, that is the exact amount of money you make from thousand views. When you look into the first video, for every thousand views only 49 cents is made, which is pretty low because average RPM is about one dollar to four dollars and when you look into the second video, the RPM is about 1.66, which is four times higher than the first video.

So, why RPM changes, let's talk about it. So, since we have learned about RPM - Revenue Per Mille. Now we can talk about the factors that affect RPM.

So, the amount of money you make from thousand views relies on these factors:

  1. Topic of your video:

Basically, the topic that you choose for a video, affects the amount of the money you can make. If you choose a topic like; Real Estate, Finance and Technology, you can make money out of that video, why is this happening? It's simply because real estate or finance related or technology-related companies who are running ads through the video have more money to burn. Since they have more money to burn they pay much more for those google ads running through the YouTube video and that's why your RPM is higher compared to other topics of the same or related video.

For example, a  video that is about finance, the RPM of the video  is probably going to be higher than other topics of  the video talking about books or productivity, because when  it comes to topics like books, the book publishing companies don't have that much money compared to banks or real estate agents or such like.

So, the RPM of the video is of course going to be lower than topics like on real estate and technology.

If you want to make real good money then you should go into a topic like technology, finance, and in real estate. This will make your RPM much higher and you can make much more money than YouTubers who have like millions of views in other topics.

In 2021, the amount of the views your video has, doesn't describe anything. The thing that describes is your RPM. You can have much less view than those like bigger YouTubers.

However, you can make much more money than those who are not doing it correctly. So, if you want to start a YouTube channel, consider any of these three topic categories: Real estate, Finance and Technology.

  1. Watch Time:

Another factor that affects your RPM is your watch time. If your viewers are watching your video for a longer period of time, then of course your RPM is going to be higher, because they're more likely to watch an ad and if you have more YouTube premium membership subscribers then you’ll gain more.

You can make more money from YouTube premium subscribers. So, encouraging your subscribers to join YouTube premium is also another great way to make your RPM higher.

  1. Viewers Age:

Another fact that affects your RPM is the age of your viewers. Are they older than you can make more money? Because they have more money to spend on those things and they're more likely to collect those ads and buy things.

  1. Geolocation:

So, the last factor that affects your RPM is geography. Some countries have higher RPM than other countries. If it's a developed country like US or Japan, it has a higher RPM than the countries that are developing or that are under-developed. Basically, it's another factor that affects your RPM.

Since we have being talking about what affects RPM, let's talk about how much money you should expect from 1 million views.

A point worth noting: For you to turn on the monetization feature, you need   to have a thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours. That is it, to monetize your channel and reaching that point is very difficult sometimes.

However,   if you are serious about getting started on YouTube, you're probably curious about how much money you can make. The average RPM is about one dollar to four dollars. If you can choose a topic like finance, real estate and technology; it can go up to ten dollars.

However, expecting ten dollars at the beginning is not a realistic way to do it. So, let's say your RPM is about like 1.5 to two   dollars and the 20 views of your subscribers is the average views that YouTubers get for example: you have a 180k subscribers so 36k is the view amount that you should probably get from your videos and when  you look at that average view ratio it's currently about like 50k to 80k. So, your videos are much higher than the expected rate and you can multiply that with RPM and you can figure out how much money you will roughly make.

However, when it comes to YouTubers, it's not the only way that people make money.  For example, when it comes to Ali, he says that only 10 percent of his revenue comes from the YouTube Adsense. So, you can also make money from sponsorships and from affiliates. Drop your affiliate links in your videos’ description. The more people click your links and buy things, the better it is for you.

That was it for today. I hope you guys learned a new thing from this article and hope you're now able to guess how much money YouTubers are making.

I hope you like this article and I would like to know down in the comments box below, how much you guessed YouTubers can make from 1 million video views - YouTubers earnings.

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