WordPress Plugins Update | How to Update Your WordPress Plugins

  • On: 17th Sep 2021
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Outdated plugins can mess up your website and even prevent you from login in to your website admin. Sometimes, it can prevent the entire website from loading.

How to Update WordPress Plugins - Explicit Guide

How to Update WordPress Plugins - E...
How to Update WordPress Plugins - Explicit Guide

So, to avoid these disastrous events, popularly called errors, you should update your plugins regularly. Some people use auto - update to update their plugins but I recommend doing it manually, so that when an error occur during the process, you will be inform immediate and know how to resolve it or who to call upon to resolve it for you.

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Now, let dive into the process of updating your WordPress website plugins.

Step-1: Login to your WordPress admin dashboard by entering your username and password and hit the login button.

wordPress login

Step-2: Click on the 'Updates' option on the Admin Dashboard.

plugin updates

Then scroll down to the plugin section, you should now see the outdated plugins.

plugin update

Step-3: Click to Tick 'Select All' checkbox as seen in the photo below.

plugin updates

Step-4: Click on the 'Update Plugins' button located at the bottom or top of the plugin update section.

plugin update

Then your WordPress plugin updates should begin immediately. And you will see sometime like the photo below, showing that your update is completed successfully.

plugin update

However, some plugin(s) may not get update, the reason is because their license has expired and the user don't want to renew it. So, you don't get updates for such WordPress plugins

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