Mechatronics As A Multi-Disciplinary Field of Study

Mechatronics is a disciplinary with three major fields of studies, namely: Mechanical engineering, Electronics and  Computer  science.  Although  the word mechatronics has been  in use for some years now, greater moves have been made in its applications over the last decades, which is clearly seen  in  consumer  products  around  us today.

Automobiles, washing machines, digital  cameras  and  robots  are  major  examples of  mechatronic  systems.  In  this blog and category - Insights into Mechatronics, the  concept of Mechatronics  will be eloborated insightfully. 

What Are the Different Types of Engineering?

What Are the Different Types of Eng...
What Are the Different Types of Engineering?

A summary of current  developments  and  future  trends  in  Mechatronics,  particularly from a general engineering point of view will be elaborated on also. 

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