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If you're reading this article that means you're looking to grow your Instagram influence and you want to know specifically:

How To Get More Followers On Instagram

How To Get More Followers On Instag...
How To Get More Followers On Instagram

What are the things you could be doing to get real followers?

Now in recent years people have been trying all sorts of different things to get followers overnight using apps like “follow for follow” or Getting BOTS that automatically like and engage with content on behalf of your page.

Now if you've used some of these tactics you might have gotten some followers, but you probably notice one of two things either they aren't real followers or they're low intent users, meaning that they never consistently comment and like your content which is a problem because it negatively impacts your engagement and due to Instagram’s algorithm update your engagement determines how many of your followers are going to see your post on their newsfeed.

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Now, I know how frustrating it could be to grow a channel on Instagram and light of all the changes on the platform which is why I posted this article so I can share with you five strategies that you can use to grow real followers who will become an engaged part of your digital community.

Right now my personal Instagram does not have millions of followers in fact it only has few followers but over the last few years I have managed and developed strategies for Instagram pages with hundreds of thousands of followers and by the end of this article, you're going to know exactly what I did and What you need to do to start applying these things today?

So, number one: build a thematic page. Think about all the pages you follow on Instagram that aren't of brands or celebrities. Do they have a theme to the page? Which is probably one of the reasons you were attracted to the page and ended up deciding to follow it?

Some of the pages that I see perform best on Instagram are pages with themes of maybe funny videos, fitness routines or meal recipes or even travel. Instagram is a visual place when somebody goes to your page in the first two to three seconds, they get an idea of what it's about so that they can decide if they're going to stay on the page and engage with the content and potentially follow you or if it's not the kind of content, they're looking for. They can then make a decision to leave the page.

So, for my second point, you want to create quality content: Now when I say quality content. I don't just mean Pictures and videos with good lighting and that are visually stimulating that is a minimum requirement.

At this point that's table stakes. What I mean specifically is creating content that either entertains, educates or inspires, because most content that has a lot of engagement on Instagram tends to fall under one of those three pillars and by creating quality content that engages people you're going to attract real followers who are looking to improve their Instagram experience with this type of content which takes me to my third point.

Instagram Influence Consistency: You want to find a cadence and a frequency for posting on Instagram as the rule of thumb. A lot of people say you should post once a day. I don't think that's necessarily true for everybody.  I would say personally a minimum of two to three times a week is ideal, because you want to show new people that are coming to your page – Potential followers that your page is active. Think about your Instagram page as a TV channel. If you turn on the TV right now and went to ESPN or ABC and you were seeing old programs, or news that was like from a few days ago that would probably drive down your Incentive to consistently come back to that page.

Now the next thing you want to do is create partnerships on Instagram:  The reason you want to create partnerships, is because it can help you expose your content to similar audiences that are currently not following you. I see brands on Instagram do this all the time and it's highly effective for them and it's pretty simple to do. You want to find pages with a similar theme to your page and Shoot them over a DM and just propose “Posting” maybe two to three times a month their content in exchange for them doing the same for you.

And for my final point: Create viral videos. I want to give you guys some basic guidelines.

First thing most important you want to use motion or something that grabs attention in the first two seconds. So, next you want to create something that either entertains, educates or inspires somebody. You can do all three Phenomenal and the most important part is having something that has an element of surprise or shock value towards the end of the video. Because that is ultimately what is going to evoke emotion from people and lead the video to drive engagement. Get comments, get shares and start to rank higher on Instagram.

So, in recap, real followers helps you drive engagement, which helps you rank your posts higher on Instagram's newsfeed and the five strategies you can apply is creating a thematic page, creating consistent content, content that's quality meaning. It's either entertaining, educating or inspiring somebody, setting up partnerships so that you can gain additional exposure from similar audiences that aren't following your page and creating viral videos to really get that mass reach and essentially hack Instagram's discover feeds that will make millions of people potentially see your page.

 Hey guys, if you liked this article and found the information useful, make sure to share and drop a comment below and let me know what are some of the best practices that you've been using to develop your Instagram presence.

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