How to Install WordPress on Your Web Host in Cpanel | Step By Step Guide

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  • On: 26th Oct 2021
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Hi guys, Greetings!

You are welcome to this tutorial on how to install WordPress on your web host in cpanel. Seat tight and grab the tech.

How to Install WordPress on Your We...
How to Install WordPress on Your Web Host in Cpanel

Without delay, here are the step by step guide to WordPress installation on web host in cpanel:

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1. Login to cpanel

Enter your cpanel url. It is usually something like this:

This will show you the screen below:

how to install WordPress

2. Search for Softaculous App Installer under Software in the cpanel.

Now, click on Softaculous App Installer - NB: your cpanel may has another WordPress Installer, I have seen such a cpanel, but you will see it under Software section and with the same inscription - App installer. See photo below for details.

how to install WordPress

3. On the Softaculous App Installer window, click on Install under WordPress software.

This will take you to the WordPress installation window, where you will see the installation form.

how to install WordPress

4. Fill the necessary fields on the displayed form. 

See the photo below for the details.

how to install WordPress

  • Select the right protocal - http (default) - 1.
  • Select your domain from this box - 2.
  • You may choose to install the WordPress in a sub-directory - - sub-directory = shopping. However, it is advisable to install WordPress in your root domain - - 3.
  • Enter your website Title or Company or business name - 4.
  • Enter the description of your website or company or business value proposition - 5.
  • Enter your prefered admin username - this can be any word - 6.
  • Note the displayed password or click on the key to get new password, copy or write down the password - 7.
  • If you intend to have a multisite, you can specify it here by ticking the check box - 8.
  • Enter your admin e-mail here. It could be or or any other mail processor - 9.
  • Your default WordPress installation language is English, but you can change it to your own language if you are not from English speaking country - 10.
  • Here, select only Classic Editor - it makes it easier to edit your pages and posts in WordPress - 11.
  • Now, enter the Installation detail e-mail to get the notification of the installation with the necessary details - 12.
  • Now, hit the Install button with your mouse click to start the installation - 13.

how to install WordPress in cpanel

5. Your WordPress is installing now.

After the installation, this is what you should see:

how to install wordpress in cpanel

6. Click on the administrative url.

This will open up the WordPress login screen to enable you login to your dashboard.

WordPress installation in cpanel

7. Now, enter the username in step 4 - bulleted point 6 into the username box and the password in step 4 - bulleted point 7 into the password box and hit the login button.

You should now see this:

wordpress installation in cpanel

Now, you are good to continue building your website.

Guys! That is how to install WordPress on your web host in cpanel. Don't forget to share this article and drop your comments  below in the comment section. Thanks for watching and reading.

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