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FBA wholesale stands for fulfilled by Amazon wholesale, as the name itself describes it, it is fulfilled by Amazon which means all the procedure and guarantee is given by Amazon.

Amazon FBA: A Beginner’s Guide to Selling on Amazon, Launch Private Label Products

Amazon FBA: A Beginner’s Guide to...
Amazon FBA: A Beginner’s Guide to Selling on Amazon, Launch Private Label Products

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Amazon Wholesale is simply acting upon the business model of buying the original brand name product from the manufacturer or authorized suppliers and reselling them on Amazon.

You can see the role model of Walmart, the only difference is that in such wholesaling you use the platform of Amazon.

Difference between FBA wholesale and FBM wholesale

FBM Amazon is a kind of private procedure and guarantee and the biggest disadvantage of FBM is that all the losses and shipment claims are given by the merchant and Amazon doesn’t have any business with the losses and vice versa. They have to pay more taxes and gets a profit rate less than the FBA wholesaler.

But on the other hand, FBA wholesaler is just the agent for selling and all the claims and shipments are fulfilled by amazon itself and from packing to delivery everything is fulfilled by Amazon, you just have to pay the inventory expenses every month and let the rest on Amazon.

Procedure of FBA wholesale

First, you need a seller account on Amazon  for such things Amazon will ask for different data’s and information such as your identification card, nationality and national taxes sudations and some others personal and professional details.

You need an online website that sells goods online and it should be a purely American website such as (.com & .us).

It should be an online store where you sell different categories of goods such as electronics, toys, grocery and kitchen products, etc.

You need a license to sell products and goods online and need to give your taxes to the government and also all your taxes need to be updated on the government excise websites and offices.

Once you fulfilled your requirements for the amazon wholesaler, they will let you to wait for 1 to 2 weeks for the confirmations and the data you provided and after all the confirmations you will be a registered wholesaler for the Amazon, your account for the seller will be active.

After becoming seller, You will send your offers through emails of your online website, to different manufacturers or suppliers and convince them to work with you or let you resale their product on Amazon.

You work as an agent between the producer and the buyer, you earn your profits by selling the product on different platforms mainly on Amazon.

Tools or Extensions

The most important thing in the FBA wholesale is product hunting, you need the best kind of products to sell on amazon and for such work you need to know different stats and policies, such procedure and task is known as product hunting.

There are two ways of product hunting, one is manually but as it is a very long procedure people usually don’t hunt the products manually and use the second way of hunting the products and use different tools such as Keepa, jungle scout, and helium 10, etc.

In the product hunting, you will use all the essential tools and calculate your profits and can find the best suppliers all over the amazon.

These tools or extensions are paid and you can use them only after buying them.

Why to choose FBA Wholesale

There are many other categories in the business field of amazon then why FBA Wholesale is the best, the answer is that it is the safest model of business in Amazon as you will get the maximum profit and success rate in it as compared to the product launching and drop shipping or any other business model of Amazon, as you work as an agent and don’t have the ownership of any of the product, so if the product fails you don’t lose anything infect you can sell your products and belongings to the Amazon and in such a way you will get the minimum to lose.

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