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In this article, I'm going to show you the step to use to grow your Facebook page to 10,000 followers these are minimum requirements for you to apply for Facebook monetization.

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 There are two methods:

The first method - Free method:

Take your time and go to Facebook join those relevant groups. Let’s say we are in fitness niche, so go to Facebook type fitness and click group, Facebook will filter out fitness group for you so by clicking the group button.

So after clicking, there will be lot of fitness group out there you can join and make sure you only join the group which is active by looking on the number of post per day so you can see there is 150 posts then this is active group. So, you can just join and you found some group that will allow you to join with your Facebook page and some are not allowed. It's all depend on the group admin, meaning its depend on whether they allow the page to join a group or not. So you can join with the Facebook personal account and share your page content into the group and try making connection with the group member try ask them to like your page and that is it about the free method.

The next method -Paid method:

We use this method a lot so you can go with it or you can hire us to do it for you. You will have to:

  • Access ads manager
  • Go to campaign.
  • Click on Create and go for engagement

The campaign objective has to be engagement and over here there're two options:

  • Page like, and
  • Follow

So you may ask go for page like and not follow. Why choosing the page like? Because when people like your page they are also automatic following your page at the same time. That is when people is like your page they also automatically become your follower. Therefore, go for page like and get continued.

Create a campaign for it and for the daily budget you can start with $5, is up to you. Go next for the budget and schedule this part, you can just let it run continuously because until we reached our 10,000 followers. else can just it run until we meet our goal if you follow your page it's already 10,000 follower it is enough for you then you can just pause this campaign. Remember to pause it after you reach the goal.

Then go down and continue you will see there's an “audience” so you can set your audience right there. So, let's say if you're in fitness niche and you're getting fitness niche in people who are in Australia. So, you can change the location to Australia, it's up to you.You can target multiple location if you want the Australia for gender you can set male or female is up to you if you want.

In a detail targeting, you can tell Facebook who you want Facebook to show the ads to. In this case, you can just type in fitness or gym, scroll down now for placement. You can stay default, because on automatic. But ensure you have connected your Instagram to Facebook. Then you continue to scroll down and click next after you set up everything just click Next.

Choose the Facebook page and the Instagram account you want to run the ads on and you can either run the ads with an image or a video is up to you. Then type in the captions, scroll down and just click publish. Wait for Facebook to approve your ads and you'll start seeing people liking your page.

For those (people) who do not like your page but your post, you can do another step. So, here is another tip. So, let's say you found there is a lot of people who like what you’re posting for instance, they like your post - video or photo instead of liking your page. The thing you can do here is, you can invite them by clicking on invite, and you can send invitation as your page to ask them to like your page. For people who received this invitation they won't see your personal account. What they are going to see is just the page. Only the information about your page will be a pop out notification for those people. If they accepted, they will become your followers.

So these how you can grow your Facebook page to 10,000 followers quickly so by using the free methods which joined a group and the paid method that you run the ads to target people who are interested the same niche as you.

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You can get ten thousands followers up quickly with these tips. If you found the tips useful, you can share this insight and also if you found some parts difficult or did not understand, you can drop down your question on the comment box and I will answer you.

Thank you for reading and sharing it.

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