Facebook Marketplace | How Does The Facebook Marketplace Work?

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Facebook Marketplace - In this article, I show you how you will be able to use the Facebook marketplace, first to sell your personal items.

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We are going to do a little tutorial to learn how to use it. Once you know how to use it, we will see together where and how you will be able to find products to resell them and without spending money.

How to find and have the Facebook marketplace?

Where is this marketplace located?

Facebook Marketplace

You can just click here, so the menu on the left, you see you have the marketplace, or at the top, marketplace.

Maybe you won't find them if you have a particular Facebook account that is a little bit young, but that's okay. Be patient, it will come.

So, we click on the marketplace and we very quickly discover these menus, because they are very simple, these menus on the left.

facebook marketplace

Notification: Obviously, this is where you will get your notifications when something special happens on your account.

Inbox: This is what allows you to chat. It's a chat with your customers. Your account In which you will have all your ads, etc.

Filters: Here you have a filter to adjust where you want to appear and also where you want to make your sales.

Product categories: You can see that you have plenty of possibilities, of course.

The first thing you should be looking to do is sign up for buy and sells groups. Why? Because once you have your product, you can simply post your particular product on these groups. Once they are posted in those groups, they will automatically appear in the FB marketplace. You can still list your products or services directly in FB marketplace too.

This is what we are going to do right away. You click here on groups;

fb marketplace

You can do your research, so I put in something general, but it could very well be buying a car, selling a car.

FB Marketplace

Anyway, you do your research that matches the products you have in mind. And then you just have to register.

Facebook Marketplace

You click, you check the boxes, and you send it. Then the administrator of this group will end up accepting you. You will become a member of this online buying and selling group.

So, you just need to subscribe to different groups which are relevant to you.

We are moving forward because in the next article we are going to add an article to the Facebook Marketplace.

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