Facebook Marketplace Ads | How to Use and Publish an Ad on Facebook Marketplace?

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Facebook Marketplace Ads - In the previous article, we explain what Facebook marketplace is and how to get and access it. You can refer to it here - FB Marketplace.

So, we will click on create new listing.

fb marketplace

And there, we see that we are facing four types of ads. To keep it simple, in this tutorial, we will assume that you have an item to sell on the Facebook marketplace and we will instead click on that particular category which is Item for sale.

fb marketplace

You will start by adding a photo of your listing, trying of course to never forget that it is better to always add the most real photos possible. But if you have photos taken by yourself sometimes it's better because again it gives a truthful aspect to what you have to offer, to sell. So you upload your photo.

fb marktplace

Then, the title: Add the title of your listing.

The price, you can put cost you want to sell that item.

fb marketplace

The category: put listing in the right category.

This is what seems to stick the best. Condition: Used - Like new. There are other items there: New, Used – Good, and Used – fair.

facebook marketplace

The description: You can put all the technical characteristics inside there. We could do better.

The tags: You could put what will make someone to easily search for your products. It's still optional, so don't bother too much with it.

facebook marketplace

You see that you can boost the ad after it is published. That will be up to you to decide. Hide from friends or not, that will be up to you too.

Then, next, you will see precisely that you are offer groups, where you could publish your ad. Asking you whether you want to join these groups or not. These are additional proposals. If they are again relevant, do not hesitate to do so.

facebook marketplace ad

So, you will still check here the overall preview if, yes or not, it corresponds to what you wrote, what you planned, what you have in mind and you click on publish and you will be able to find it in your account.

facebook marketplace ad

Now, this is where it gets interesting, because you will actually be able to find a product and resell it on this marketplace. It's all the strategy part.

Yes, this is where it gets exciting because you are going to have to dig a little bit into some products. Obviously, you have to know where to go and where to find them, these good products. But once you have them, ultimately, its buy / resale, you will be able to buy it and then make a profit by reselling it on the Facebook marketplace.

For that, I recommend for example this site, Vinted. Vinted It's full of ads, full of possibilities. It's very specialized clothing, it's true, but I urge you to avoid anything that is clothing because it's complicated. Right away, there is a height, an age, a gender, a thing, etc. It's a little complicated. Maybe there are other categories that are interesting on this site, for example the home category. You have a whole bunch of products on offer, of course, on which you will be able to choose, do your little shopping and try to find products that appeal to you.

Etsy, another site that may be of interest to you is Etsy. On Etsy, you can also find digital products that are simply for sale. It can also be another option for you to sell on the Facebook marketplace. It can be interesting, but what I recommend you do on this particular site is obviously to sort by the best customer reviews. Because these are products that have already found buyers. These are products that have worked, and you could very well feed yourself into those types of products that have been popular with customers.

EBay, of course, there are plenty of products to find on this famous marketplace, lots of very interesting things that you can resell on the Facebook marketplace. One particular place you should click is simply on the tips. Because there you are sure to find once again products that have been recommended by a platform that has enough people on it to know exactly what appeals and you want to sell.

This is also super interesting, Leboncoin, for example. You can very well find a category of products that you particularly like. It can be professional material. It could be anything to do with office supplies. And of course, here, you will add the keyword promotion to see if there are not ads; there are many that are on promotion that are offered to you. So obviously, if you have items for less, you can resell them a bit more on the Facebook Marketplace.

Same thing with Amazon - And the place you need to go is the bestsellers section by click its tab. Because again, it's proof that it worked and that it sold. And there, scrolling through its bestsellers, I'm sure you're going to stumble upon a whole bunch of items that you never would have even thought of.

So, you know where to find items and you know how to sell them. We saw this earlier together on the Facebook buy / resale marketplace.

For you, let's go. But the most important thing is to try to compare. Because by going to similar sites, you can obviously find similar products and sometimes a little less expensive. So, you will be able to margin a little more, knowing all the same that on Facebook, in general, it is better to make small products at low prices.

If you want to go further and create your own online business, even from scratch, I have prepared a lot of articles here on this site, browse around and read.

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