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Do you know that you can still monetize your Facebook fan page even though you don't have enough followers?

How to Manually Remove Error from Instant Articles in Facebook

How to Manually Remove Error from I...
How to Manually Remove Error from Instant Articles in Facebook

When I say you don't have enough followers, I'm literally saying that you only have less than a thousand followers or even 100 followers will do.

So, I'm looking for other streamline to monetize my content and I found this Facebook instant articles that is really applicable for anyone. You just need to create a Facebook fan page and a website.

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So, what's the catch on this Facebook instant article? So, just like other monetization program. Facebook instant articles  has a requirements but it's not high than other requirements like in YouTube where you  need to have a thousand subscribers, 4000 watch hours and for brand partnership I believe  you need to have a thousand followers as well and for the streamline or other services.  Other monetization programs from Facebook, you need to have at least 10,000 followers.

So, right now you can monetize your blog using instant articles. Normally, you may already have a

Adsense, ad stereo and medium like different ad display but Facebook is one of the best platforms that has a high rpm or CPM and the audience in Facebook as well or the community in Facebook is more active.

I mean there's a lot of people searching using search engine to find their keyword, to find what they’re looking for but if you are in Facebook itself it would be easy for you to drive traffic as long as you join to a community that is similar to your niche.

So, let's start the story. So, what really is an instant article? It will help you. You can claim your website to get verified into your fan page. So, once you get verified your website into your fan page, you can participate in instant articles.

Every time you share your blog into your fan page and if someone clicks it, Facebook will pay you money or it depends on your CPM. So, Facebook will pay you per thousand views. So, if you drive a lot of traffic on that articles then the more money that you can get and at the same time you are leveraging not just your ad display on your website but the same time there's also other streamlines that  you can also take advantage, which is the Facebook monetization program.

So, how you can avail or  how you can be eligible for Facebook instant articles - you  need to have at least a fan page and at least 100 followers but I am not sure of that and then you need  to verify your Facebook fan page and domain. Then the fourth one is; you need to have at least a thousand visits.

I believe you just need to have a thousand traffics in websites to be eligible. So, Facebook will approve you as their partner for the instant articles. Now, what if you're just starting out? My suggestion for you is to look for a virtual assistant or a freelancer that can promote your website, because thousand followers are not really high. I believe if you are just serious in this or other streamline you can look at some gigs on Fiverr.

You need to be careful in looking for the right freelancer. So, just look for the right freelancer who can promote your website organically.

I highly suggest that you create your own domain to be professional as possible as well. It's not just for approval process but to make yourself professional. Now, what a good thing about instant articles? I'm not just into like getting money or getting paid in Facebook. It's about improving the user experience.

When you share an instant article on Facebook, its loading speed is better compared to clicking on external websites. You will notice the difference between instant articles and a regular article by a flash icon in there.

Now, instant articles only work on mobile. If you are viewing your Facebook fan page on computer, then it will automatically goes to your external website.

An instant article can be configured on your CMS website almost automatically.

Facebook Instant Article Status in WordPress Website

Facebook Instant Article Status in WordPress Website

I hope you find this valuable. Would really appreciate if you leave the comment below I want to know what other topics you want me to cover on the next article and if you already integrated or added the instant articles on your Facebook fan page then let me know how it performs. Maybe how the engagement so far you are getting. I really want to know your experience as well.

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