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  • On: 28th Jul 2021
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In this article, I'll show you some really cool strategies and techniques for a way you'll be able to do audience research to start out to know your customers better and really get inside their heads. This may facilitate more effective marketing that gets more results.

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One in all the foremost critical steps in creating a replacement marketing campaign or advertising or really any style of promotional materials is to try and do thorough audience research. It is important that we truly understand exactly who we're talking to and what they're fears, challenges, pain points, desires are.

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Now within the old days this was accomplished by making really expensive focus groups and kind of taking best educated guesses on what the buyer wants. Luckily the net has made it most easier for us to collect really valuable insights around our target market, to not mention with plenty most data availability, it's really commencing to remove a lot of the guess work.

So here are some really cool strategies you get into the top of your own customers or potential customers on line without having to spend a lot of cash and you do not even need to have an existing audience to try and do this.

Now the primary awesome tool that I've got to share with you is Facebook Audience Insights. Audience Insights may be a free tool that Facebook offers to advertisers who use the platform but the most effective part is, you do not even have to try to do any advertising or spend any money on the Facebook platform to use it. All you have got to try and do is to create a commercial account which if you haven't done already is free and pretty easy to line up.

Audience insights is great because what it does is gives us some really key information like what other brands do they follow, what are their online behaviors and you'll be able to even understand some demographics like relationship status and a few really key things that'll help inform your marketing. Therefore, the smartest thing I can do is show you some examples.

Now whether you're B2B or B2C, this tool will be really useful so I'll show you samples of both. So first let's imagine something I've employed in the past and say you've got a health supplement company. You produce some kind of supplement for fitness enthusiasts. So what I'd do is I might start, so this is often what it's like after you first pull up Facebook audience insights. What I'd do is I'd come down here, skip reasonably location and age, we'll keep those fairly open right away assuming you sell over the US. But I'd come down here to interests and after you click on interests it pulls up some broad categories that you just can get even more refined in.

facebook audience research tool

But right here you see fitness and wellness. So obviously folks that might want your product have an interest in fitness and wellness so if you plow ahead and click on the sign there, which will quite narrow it down. So coming up here to the knowledge, you see, you get some general information about well 63% of individuals on Facebook like fitness and wellness related pages are women, 37% are men so gives you some gender information but one thing that stands out here is you'll see that 1/2 the users on Facebook who like fitness and wellness are married in order that may be really valuable for say maybe creating content around how you balance both the wedding and a fitness routine.

The thing is that you simply can make really relevant to your target market that ultimately will go further and provides them way more value. You'll see education level, even job titles. But another thing to leap over is that if you click this tab - page likes, you will see that you simply can see other top pages that individuals who are in your audience or who like fitness and wellness follow: the highball Boutique, Groupon, Ikea. So a number of them are relevant, a number of them not most but this offers you some ideas, maybe brands that you simply can reach bent on examine to partner with or simply form of look at those brands and see what variety of content or ads that they are putting out that's working and perhaps you'll be able to get some ideas of what works together with your audience.

facebook audience research tool

So you'll see some things there, location, this'll help just style of show, you know, maybe these are some cities that you simply really need to require a glance into so there's activity which just quite gives you a plan of their on line activity. you'll be able to see that 64% of users on Facebook who like fitness and wellness are on mobile so this is often really important so confirm your landing pages are optimized for mobile, ensure any videos you create are optimized for mobile, meaning you've got captions just in case they don't seem to be watching with sound so you'll get lots of really valuable insights out of Facebook audience insights. So for instance you already use a variety of created persona and you've got a distinct segment audience so you're speaking on to just married women within the fitness and health space.

facebook audience research tool

So, you'll be able to select women, then come right down to relationship status, and you'll be able to see clearly, these categories, work, where you'll be able to really get very specific on who you are looking at, and so chose married. It wil then now only show data of individuals who are married women who like health and fitness. So now the specific selected criteria now form the target action group, which will then be use for the ads promotion.

You are free to share your thought about audience research with us. Use the comment box below. Many thanks.

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