Difficult to Rank Your YouTube Videos? Learn to Use Youtube keyword tool

Youtube keyword tool
  • On: 2nd Jan 2022
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You're not able to rank your YouTube videos? You are not alone, learn how to use Youtube keyword tool to find high ranking keywords for your YouTube videos.

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is youtube keyword tool?
  3. How to use youtube keyword tool?
  4. Conclusion


Have you ever wanted to bring awareness of your brand to a wider audience, but were unsure how? It's easy! All you need is a YouTube channel and the right keyword tool. This article will teach you how to discover the keywords tool that you can use to discover keywords that are in high demand. I will also walk you through how to use the keyword tool to find keyword that rank higher on search engines.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet. It is also the second largest search engine online, right behind Google. With over a billion users, more people are turning to YouTube as their preferred source for entertainment.

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Whether you are creating a video that promotes your business or trying to drive traffic to your blog, it’s important to know what keywords you should target when uploading your content to YouTube. That’s where the YouTube keyword tool comes in.

What is youtube keyword tool?

This keyword research tool allows you to discover popular and relevant keywords that are related to your content.

In order to rank your video on YouTube, you need to take advantage of the keyword research tool features of this platform - Kparser. One of these features is the "YouTube's keyword tool". You can use this tool to find valuable keywords that will make your videos more visible in YouTube search results.

How to use youtube keyword tool?

To use the keyword tool, you first need to click on this YouTube keyword tool link and enter the desired "keyword" in the top search box. Select the target country from the "country" box and the language from the "language" box. Then, click on the "Start" tab.

youtube keyword tool

Then you will be presented with a whole lots of keyword within the range of the one entered with their ranking factors and search volume. You then choose the one with higher ranking factor and low competition.

keyword tool

There are other tools you can use too and one of such other tool is keywordtool.io.

  1. Enter your keyword
  2. Select your target country and language
  3. Click the search button to see results

However, you will need to upgrade to see more results. But is cool to use the free tool.

youtube keyword tool

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You can also use the YouTube search tool to find what people are serching for and produce your video to solve their problems.

  1. Login to your YT channel
  2. Enter the keyword on the search bar at the top
  3. See the suggested keywords and choose one

keyword tool

These suggestions are based on live searches from individuals around the world.


There are many different keyword tools that you can use to find profitable keywords for your YouTube channel. We've provided 3 keyword tools above, but if you have any questions or would like to learn more, don't hesitate to drop a comment below in the comments.

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