Lucrative Daily Income Business in Nigeria: 16 Highly Profitable Businesses to Start Immediately

daily income business in nigeria

A daily income business in Nigeria is a very profitable business you can start with little capital and make huge profit on a daily basis. While some may require large capital, you can always start small and grow big.

For instance, starting a fast-food business in Nigeria can be a very profitable daily income business. These businesses offer fast meals that are easy to prepare and serve. All you need is a shop, a place for customers to sit and a reasonable capital.

Lucrative Daily Income Business in Nigeria: 16 Highly Profitable Businesses to Start Immediately

Lucrative Daily Income Business in ...
Lucrative Daily Income Business in Nigeria: 16 Highly Profitable Businesses to Start Immediately

This business is perfect for beginners and is very easy to start.

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Lucrative Daily Income Business in Nigeria

Here are some of the daily income business in Nigeria you can start immediately:

Laundry Service Business

Starting a laundry service business can help you earn an income daily. A small start-up cost of ₦2500 will help you wash 50 shirts a day, generating an income of ₦10,000 per day. It is also possible to run your business from home.

You can also invest in a power generator if you are running a large laundry. Having a power generator will help you run your pressing iron and laundry machines.

This business is extremely profitable and does not require a loan to start. A small laundry service business can start for as little as N400,000 and requires a small office.

Depending on location, you may need a generator, ironing board, buckets, water storage tank, and packaging materials for the ironed clothes.

Laundry service business requires some skills, a good location and enough capital to get started. In order to succeed, you must have a high level of business management, marketing skills and good customer relations. You will also need a few employees with high levels of skills.

A laundry service is a lucrative daily income business in Nigeria. A laundry service is a business that provides laundry and ironing services for paid customers. Some of these businesses also offer pick-up services.

Call Card Business

A call (recharge} card business in Nigeria can be a lucrative daily income venture. Nigerians do not live without their phones. Even if you do not own one, you will be able to sell cards to others for a profit.

POS Business

A POS (Point of Sale) payment service is also a popular business in Nigeria.

Affiliate Marketing

Aside from having an online business, you can also try affiliate marketing. You can make commissions for sales generated through your affiliate link.

Even Material Renting Business

Another profitable daily income business in Nigeria is renting event materials. Providing affordable materials can help you earn money in a short period of time. If you have a shop, the business will be more developed. This business is very demanding, but it can also pay off well.

Web Development Business

A website design business can also be profitable. There are freelance websites where you can post your skills and get paid for your services. You can even earn as much as ₦200,000 every month.

Data Subscription Business

Selling data subscription has lifted many Nigerians out of poverty. Nowadays, even big banks engage in this business.

Baking Business

Baking is another highly profitable business in Nigeria. The key to success is to find a niche and target your market. This way, you can be a brand in a short time.

Food Delivery Business

If you are thinking of starting your own food delivery business, you should consider getting a loan. World Bank grants for small businesses and Quickteller loans can help you finance your business.

Other options include C24 and Fint loans. This way, you won't have to invest a fortune in your business.

Copywriting Business

Copywriting businesses in Nigeria are very lucrative option for those who have excellent writing skills. The average fee for copywriting varies between ₦100,000 and ₦300,000 per month.

The fee can also vary from word to word. Some copywriters charge between ₦1,000 and ₦2,000 per thousand words.

Foodstuffs Business

There are different types of food stuffs that you can sell to make money. These include raw food items such as rice, beans, yam, and corn as well as other ingredients used for cooking. The business is easily portable and can be done anywhere.

This is a great business for those who are interested in earning money on a daily basis. The capital required to start this business is low and you can start selling local as well as international cuisines.

Makeup Studio Business

Another business that is a great choice for a daily income is a makeup studio. This is an easy way to earn money because the demand is so high. Also, the prices are lower if you buy them from the manufacturer.

Car Washing Business

Nigerians are reliant on cars for transport. But due to unfavorable environmental conditions, cars often get dirty even when they're parked. Hence, a car wash business in Nigeria can enjoy steady demand. To get started, you will need a suitable location with sufficient space for washing cars.

Additionally, you will need to invest in a car washing machine, which will increase the efficiency and speed of your work.

Car washing businesses require hard work and smartness. You must be able to wash many cars in a day. In addition, you'll need to be able to hire labour to work on your business. It's not an easy business to start, but it is profitable.

You'll need a busy location and a small amount of capital to start. You'll also need a reliable source of water and detergent. Ideally, you'll want to use car-wash soap that is suitable for washing cars. You can also buy detergent in bulk, which will help you save on your costs.

Car washing businesses in Nigeria are lucrative and offer a great opportunity to earn a daily income. If you invest in a good location, purchase the necessary equipment, and provide high-quality service to customers, the car wash business is an excellent choice.

Despite the recession and the high cost of living in Nigeria, this business is a good investment and a growing industry.

Pure Water Business

There are a few steps to take to start a pure water business.

First, you should create a business plan. It should outline your goals and objectives, the costs of startup, and marketing strategies. You should also identify potential suppliers and calculate your profit margins.

Next, you should secure funding for your business. This funding can range anywhere from ₦5 million to ₦10 million.

You will need some capital and land to start this business. You will also need to construct a building. The building can be large or small. A typical factory layout should include:

  • A general office,
  • Water production room,
  • Storage room,
  • Toilet, changing room, and
  • Laboratory.

You should also hire some people to perform sales and marketing.

Another step is to purchase machines. An automatic sealing machine will make the process faster. It can seal about 40 to 50 sachets per minute. You will also need reliable power supply.

If the government doesn't provide electricity, you can install a generator. You can also purchase a distribution van to make distribution of your products easier.

Restaurant Business

The restaurant business in Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable businesses. An average medium-scale restaurant can earn as much as ₦25,000 a day.

This type of business is particularly profitable in Nigeria's bustling urban areas, where most people don't have time to prepare food at home.

There are many benefits to running a restaurant, including the fact that it offers a guaranteed daily income.

However, to be successful in the restaurant business in Nigeria, there are certain regulations you must adhere to. For instance, you must obtain the necessary permits from your state or local government.

Depending on where you live in Nigeria, you may need to acquire a license to sell alcoholic beverages. It is also wise to get a professional legal advisor to help you navigate the legal processes.

Popcorn Business

Another daily income business in Nigeria is the popcorn business. This type of business requires strategic positioning, as people tend to pass by the location often.

This business can be started on a small budget, and it can be marketed effectively through social media and digital marketing.

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