Best Platform to Monetize Blog | Amazing Monetization Tips

Best Platform to Monetize Blog, Amazing Monetization Tips

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A lot of people all over the world are asking the same question from time to time – what is the Best Platform to Monetize Blog? Here, I will tell my experience, then you will draw your conclusion.

List of ad platforms for website or blog monetization (alternatives)

List of ad platforms for website or...
List of ad platforms for website or blog monetization (alternatives)

Many of these people who asked these questions never take their time to read the details on the Best Platform to Monetize Blog. For this reason, they tried one platform, it fails, and they move ahead to another platform until they get almost frustrated and say all the monetization platforms are the same.

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You must have heard of Ezoic or seen that name somewhere online or a friend must have told you about it. However, if you have not heard of that name, you are very much welcome to continue reading and get acquainted with this technology. If I were you, I will quickly sign up after reading this article.

Ezoic is a technology that monetizes your website or blog with ads and generates revenue for you. Earn per day and get paid per day. Is this not wonderful? Yes, it is.

I first heard of this Platform to Monetize Blog called Ezoic from a client, who was looking for someone to setup his Ezoic account. Luckily for me, he stumbled upon my Ad on Google Adsense and he dropped a message to that effect.

I responded with confidence, I can do it but with a clear notification that that was my first time. It all went well. That is how I began setting up Ezoic accounts for more clients.

I tell you nothing but the truth; these clients are making huge cash on a daily basis. And what does it cost them? Nothing more than:

  1. Buying a web host and a domain name
  2. Building the blog or a website with blog in it
  3. Write original quality articles and published on the blog
  4. Drive traffic from Keywords, social media, search engines and backlinks.

Most of these clients get between: 200 to 3,000 visits per day. Just take a deep look into the photo below, you will see for yourself clearly what I have being trying to say to you about the Platform to Monetize Blog and make a living from blogging.

how to make money online, ezoic monetization

This is amazing! I heard you saying that right? Now, click to register here – Monetize My blog.

This is the setup process: Ezoic Ads Tester | Website Monetization with Ezoic Technology

Then I realized I have to restore my blog, modify it and apply to Ezoic. This did not happen immediately after the first setup but many months thereafter. I was just like gaaaassssh! I which it occurred to me earlier, I would have setup my blog with this Platform to Monetize Blog and applied before now, that is, by now, I would have be swimming in cash. See also this photo below:

how to make money online, ezoic monetization, adsense alternative

But I must warn you, blogging is not for poor minded people. If you cannot write articles by yourself, let your money write them for you or go into franchising – look for a person who can write articles very well and partner with that person to build and populate your blog with original content with quality. You should be mindful of quality and not quantity, though, quantity is a desirable phenomenon. The more the articles, the more people come around your blog and spend their time reading your pile of articles.

In a nutshell, you can really make money online daily from monetizing your website and blog amongst other areas.

If you need support in setting up your Ezoic account, please, feel free to use the contact form in the contact page to reach out to me. I’m available to help.

SO, guys, this is my amazing story about the Platform to Monetize Blog. If you enjoy this article, please, share it and drop your comments in the comment box below. Thanks!

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Am I need of making money


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